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Section 1:

St. John’s Convention Center At-a-Glance 

Our Destination

Sitting on the edge of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s is the most easterly city in North America and is the province’s capital city. Since John Cabot first sailed into the harbour in 1497, the city has been the economic, political and cultural hub of this spirited and unique province. St. John’s sees icebergs in the spring and whales in the summer while having a dynamic arts and culture scene all year round. With great hiking trails and a vibrant restaurant and nightlife, St. John’s is a beautiful city to explore. 

Our Team 

Our experienced event management staff will help you build memorable events by catering to your unique needs and working with you through every detail. 

Our Facility

St. John’s Convention Centre (SJCC) is Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest and most innovative conference facility.  We offer 47,000 sq. ft. of divisible meeting room space, designed with sophistication and flexibility to accommodate both big and small events.  SJCC’s state-of-the-art technical services, professional staff, and modern facilities create opportunities to host flawless, unforgettable events. 

Our unique boutique convention centre is located in the heart of North America’s oldest city, which is rich in history, culture and charm and where the locals are the friendliest people you will ever encounter.

Section 2:

Licensing Procedures

A. Space Confirmation

Your license agreement outlines the space usage, deposit schedule, payment process and other information relating to our facility. Please note that event space will not be confirmed until any outstanding account balances have been paid in full.

B. Services and Facilities Included in Rental

All meeting rooms include the following at no additional charge:

  • Basic security staffing to provide access to the facility is included with room rental during regular open hours from 6 am to 12 midnight daily;
  • Wireless internet connectivity;
  • Parking spaces for event organizer (based on availability);
  • All usual house lights, heat, water and air circulation from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight for each day of the Period;
  • Meeting room digital signage display. Includes one image per room rental per day;
  • Tables and chairs; 
  • Coat Check is offered as complimentary office space with a ballroom rental (based on availability);
  • Podium and risers (based on availability);
  • One dance floor per ballroom rental (based on availability);
  • One room setup per room per day;
  • Table cloths for banquet service. Cloths and skirts for other setups may carry an additional charge.

C. Security Requirements

St. John’s Convention Centre is the exclusive provider of security services. Basic security for facility access is included with the room rental between 6 am – 12 midnight.  Charges apply for additional security before 6 am and after 12 midnight. Additional staffing may be requested by the client or required by SJCC based on our policies, event type, or special circumstances.

D. Official and Exclusive Supplier Partners

St. John’s Convention Centre has agreements with supplier partners. Please see Appendix B.

E. Billing and Invoices

The final invoice will be sent to you with all charges and back-up information within 10 business days. Invoices are payable within 30 days. Our audiovisual service partners submit separate invoices for the services they provide for your event. If you have questions about any items or services on the invoice, please contact your Conference Services Manager. 

F. Advertising and Promotion 

Logos and images are available from your Conference Services Manager for inclusion in your marketing materials.

The St. John’s Convention Centre is equipped with both interior and exterior digital advertising screens.   For more information on this service, please refer to Section 6 items C and D

Section 3:

Event Services Team

A. Catering and Culinary Services

Sodexo Live! is the exclusive food and beverage provider to our facility, and all food and beverage must be prepared and presented by the Sodexo Live! Culinary team. 

Please refer to Section 4 for detailed food and beverage policies.

B. Conference Services Manager

A member of our conference services management team will partner with you from the initial planning stages through to your move-out. Your Conference Services Manager answers your questions, proactively makes suggestions, and collects your event details. In short, your Conference Services Manager is your primary point of contact for all of your event needs, and will be a key member of your team. 

We want to ensure we provide the caliber of services you require for a successful event and to do so, we need some important information from you. We have developed an event checklist that includes a timeline for when we require each of these details. Your Conference Services Manager can explain the items in further detail and provide you with a customized event checklist. 

C. Audiovisual and Tradeshow Services 

It is recommended that all presentation technology and tradeshow requirements be arranged through our preferred partner, Canadian Audiovisual INC (CAV)

Please note that CAV is our partner for audiovisual and tradeshow services and is the exclusive provider of rigging services as well material handling at St. John’s Convention Centre. CAV must be engaged should you require either of these services for your event. For more information please refer to Appendix B.

D. Building Services

Our team oversees management and housekeeping of all public spaces and function rooms, vehicle marshalling, ticketing services and maintains our infrastructure and facility systems. 

E. Technical Services (Internet and Telecom) 

We have a state-of-the-art data network, allowing us to provide shared and dedicated bandwidth connections, robust WiFi access, and custom networking solutions. See Appendix C and speak with your Conference Services Manager to identify all of your technical needs. 

F. Room Set Up Services  

All room set ups and event details are coordinated through your Conference Services Manager.

The Sodexo Live! team will set up your event spaces as per the floor plan for your event. 

G. Security Services 

At the St. John’s Convention Centre, we provide general event and building security services within the facility. Members of our staff are trained in emergency first aid including automatic external defibrillators (AEDs). Security services also maintain relationships with local emergency response agencies and are our onsite contact for emergency response. Connect with your Conference Services Manager, in advance of your event, for an overview of our safety and security protocols, and to coordinate dedicated event security requirements. 

Section 4:

Food and Beverage

At St. John’s Convention Centre, we’re here to make every moment of your special event unforgettable. With our first-class hospitality and highly trained staff, you and your guests can expect an exceptional culinary experience, impeccable service, and attention to every detail.

From traditional favorites to locally sourced regional specialties, there’s something for everyone on the menu. We also welcome special requests. Please let us know how we can make your time with us perfect.

Please note that Sodexo Live! is the exclusive caterer to our facility – all food and beverage must be prepared and presented by their culinary team. 

B. Food and Beverage Planning and Guarantee

In order to properly plan for your event and ensure its success, we need to receive your food and beverage specifications in writing at least 45 days in advance. We also require your final guarantee seven (7) business days prior to your event. Once the final guarantee is submitted, the guaranteed number may not be decreased. Sodexo Live! will make every effort to accommodate increases after the final guarantee is received up to 24 hours prior to the event, however any increase exceeding 5% of the final guarantee will be subject to a 10% surcharge of the retail cost of the meal. 

Sodexo Live! prepares for the final guaranteed number of guests. If specific meal requests are required, please supply your Conference Services Manager with a detailed allergy or alternate meal list to be included in the guarantee. If Sodexo Live! is required to prepare above the guarantee or has additional requests that were not on the client supplied list, then the additional meals served will be added to the final guarantee for invoicing at the full retail contracted price. 

C. Service Timing

Meal prices are based upon 1.5 hours continuous service, beginning within 1/2 hour after the doors are opened. Any extension of this time may be subject to additional labour charges at current hourly rates. 

D. Food and Beverage Pricing 

Food and beverage prices are currently subject to a 10% service charge and a 15% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). Please note that the service charge is subject to HST. 

E. Responsible Service of Alcohol 

As the licensee, St. John’s Convention Centre is committed to the responsible sale and service of alcohol and complies with the regulations of the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation (NLC). Please see Appendix I for more details.

F. Food Sampling/Distribution 

St. John’s Convention Centre has exclusive rights to food and beverage services; therefore, food and beverage distribution/sampling is not permitted without prior authorization. Should sampling be authorized, the sampling details must be provided by the event organizer to the Conference Services Manager four (4) weeks in advance of the event for final approval. 

Exhibitors may only distribute products they manufacture, in quantities that are reasonable for the purpose of promoting the product.

H. Food Donations 

Sodexo Live! is pleased to work with local food banks to provide unconsumed food item donations that have not left our controlled kitchen environment. Bridges to Hope, The Wiseman Center and the Native Friendship Center are some of the local facilities that have benefitted from donations. Please speak with your Conference Service Manager for more information.

I. Exclusive Beverage Suppliers 

Our exclusive non-alcoholic beverage supplier is Pepsi. Please contact your Conference Services Manager should you require clarification on products offered and/or the policy regarding use of other beverage suppliers not listed.  

Section 5:

Entrances and Access

A. Public Entrances 

At the St. John’s Convention Centre, the primary public entrance is located on New Gower Street. Our venue can also be accessed from secondary entrances via Delta Pedway, Mary Brown’s Centre Pedway and the Public Access door in parking garage.  Contact the Conference Services Manager to coordinate building access.

Please note, public entrances are for guest/client access only. All move in/out must be conducted through the Loading Bays. 

B. Loading Docks/Access Procedures 

The St. John’s Convention Centre loading dock area is located underground off Waldegrave Street. It is comprised of two (2) docks with the following details: 

Dock 1: 1 bay, accommodating up to a 5 tonne truck and is equipped with a scissor lift. 

Dock 2: 1 bay, accommodating up to a 53’ trailer and is equipped with a dock leveller. 

Loading dock areas are for temporary pick-up and delivery only. Parking is prohibited. 

Please confirm availability of individual docks with Canadian AV Inc. during the planning phase of your event as these areas are shared for other deliveries and events. Canadian AV needs to be advised of all freight delivery schedules and changes. Changes made to schedules within 48 hours may result in additional labour charges.

Section 6:

Directional Banners and Signs in Common Space

Our common spaces are designed to move people throughout the building. They are key to our overall safety plan for the facility and must remain reasonably open to all guests. To meet the needs of all our customers, and to maintain a safe environment, we schedule use of the common areas. 

A. Shared Space 

Each customer is permitted to install temporary structures (such as information desks and entrance units) and/or directional signage in appropriate locations so that our common areas remain accessible for overall traffic flow. It is important that both you and your service contractor discuss possible locations for all structures and signage with your Conference Services Manager during your planning stage. Common area plans are reviewed carefully with the plans submitted by other customers occupying the building at the same time. 

Modular furniture is located in common areas throughout the building for the enjoyment of our guests and is not available for rent. 

B. General Signage Guidelines 

Permanent signs throughout the facility, both digital and static, cannot be covered or otherwise obscured. For example, banners and temporary signage cannot be hung or placed in front of permanent signs. This includes pipe and drape. Line-of-sight must be maintained for all permanent signage at a distance relative to the size of the sign. 

Signage or banners may not be nailed, stapled, taped, tacked or affixed in any way that may cause damage to the facility. Signage or banners may not be hung on or in-front of artwork or from handrails or railings and is not permitted on the exterior of the facility. Final approval of all signage locations will be granted at the discretion of the St. John’s Convention Centre.

Cling/vinyl signage considerations may be permitted in client contracted pre-function space and/or meeting rooms and must be coordinated with the Conference Services Manager. Install and removal must take place within contracted move in and move out times. 

St. John’s Convention Centre reserves the right to:

  • remove any signage deemed offensive, harassing or vexatious in nature; 
  • approve text and messaging

C. Digital Signage 

The St. John Convention Centre’s main foyer showcases a large, 138” high resolution media wall. This 3×3 landscape space is available for event usage and advertising. Clients may provide content via email, USB or shared link. Alternatively, with assistance from St. John’s Convention Centre staff, clients are able to connect self-provided laptops via HDMI connection. Both images and video can be displayed. Formats supported are PNG and JPEG for images and Windows Media Video for video.  For best results, the image quality should be 1920w x 1080h pixels. 

Meeting rooms are equipped with a digital monitor at each entrance door.  Clients must provide the image or logo to be uploaded.  One image per room per day is complimentary, charges apply for additional images. 

Please refer to Appendix C for rates. The St. John’s Convention Centre does not provide graphic design services. 

D. Digital Advertising

The St. John’s Convention Centre offers advertising services to events as well as external partners and clients.  Five interior, landscape oriented, HD screens are located throughout the building. They run ten second spots with twelve spots per screen. The screens range from 46” to 65” and support both images and video. All images are required to be in PNG or JPEG format and 1920w x 1080h pixels.  Video should be Windows Media Video and 1400w x 720h pixels.

The St. John’s Convention Centre‘s external digital screen is clearly visible from the city’s busiest downtown intersection. This sign is used for advertising events, as well as displaying building and local information of interest to event goers and the public at large. Each ad is displayed for ten seconds per rotation, every two minutes, 30 times per hour, 720 times per day. For best quality, images must be PNG or JPEG and 1400w x 720h pixels. Video is not permitted.  

Please see Appendix C for rates. Event packages are available only for clients booked with the St. John’s Convention Centre and include both interior and exterior screens. The St. John’s Convention Centre does not provide graphic design services. 

Banner hanging and rigging is an exclusive service that is available through our official audiovisual partner, Canadian AV INC. Please Refer to Appendix D for more details.

F. Floor-Mounted (Free-Standing) Signage 

Signs must not block exits or obstruct normal traffic flow in the building. 

G. Floor Decals 

The use of floor decals is subject to approval based on other events in the building and the protection of the floor surfaces. A digital proof along with final output size and material specifications must be submitted to your Conference Services Manager for approval before going into full production. Also include proposed locations, quantity, and desired installation date. If approved, floor decal installation and removal should be included in your overall event plan and timeline.

Section 7:

Directional Banners and Signs in Common Space

A. Move-in/Move-out 

The client, Canadian AV and the St. John’s Convention Centre together will clearly identify move-in/move-out times. The client is responsible for communicating move-in and move-out times and guidelines to exhibitors/suppliers. Approved vehicles are required to exit the loading dock immediately upon loading or unloading. If your event will impede normal traffic flow around the streets of the facility, traffic control resources must be deployed and should be arranged through your Conference Services Manager. Failure to do so will result in SJSEL deploying resources, at the client’s expense, to mitigate the traffic impact. 

B. Freight Elevator 

The St. John’s Convention Centre has one freight elevator with a 20,000 lbs capacity. Its dimensions are 10’W x 21’10”L x 9’H. For safety and accessibility reasons, materials cannot be transported via the public elevators. 

C. Freight Shipments & Delivery 

The St. John’s Convention Centre cannot accept freight or material shipments prior to the licensed contracted move-in times of an event. Early deliveries must be arranged through the St. John’s Convention Centre official partner, Canadian AV, for advance warehousing options. 

Advance freight that arrives to the St. John’s Convention Centre will be re-routed to Canadian AV’s warehouse and they will contact the shipper to make financial arrangements for storage, as well as shipping to the St. John’s Convention Centre. 

For all trade shows and conventions, Canadian AV must be employed to manage and move freight within the facility. If you are working with a guest trade show services supplier, they must coordinate through Canadian AV. 

Stranded freight left at the end of an event will be collected by Canadian AV, and they will contact the shipper to make financial arrangements for storage and return shipping. Any goods left on the premises after an event are the responsibility of the shipper. 

D. Crate Storage

Exhibit, trade show or consumer show exhibitors and/or event producers are required to make arrangements for storage of empty crates/boxes during their event. Should storage requirements exceed contracted event space, you may contact the St. John’s Convention Centre official trade show services partner, Canadian AV, to arrange for offsite storage of these items. 

E. Electrical Services 

The St. John’s Convention Centre is the exclusive provider of all temporary electrical distribution and related equipment required for events, shows, and for all guest service providers throughout the facility. Individual exhibitor electrical requirements must be coordinated through Canadian AV who will work with St John’s Convention Centre staff to coordinate safe and effective electrical services for individual exhibitor electrical orders.

F. Vehicle Display

All vehicles must be authorized by the St. John’s Convention Centre, and the procedures as outlined in Appendix F must be followed. The St. John’s Convention Centre will grant final approval on the positioning and location of all vehicles. All vehicles must be clean and tires wiped down prior to move-in. 

G. Rigging/Overhead Hanging Guidelines

The St. John’s Convention Centre has designated its official audiovisual partner, Canadian AV, as its exclusive rigging provider. Any client or supplier who requires the use of rigging points and services must engage with the official audiovisual partner directly. Canadian AV will provide skilled and qualified technicians and riggers to support the installation and removal of overhead rigging equipment for specialty lighting, theatrical elements and other show components. Please refer to Appendix D for more information.

H. Cleaning Services 

Booth cleaning services, including garbage removal and vacuuming services, is provided by St. John’s Convention Centre. Our Building cleaners will provide general aisle cleaning before and after trade show hours. In addition, spot checks will occur during show hours. St. John’s Convention Centre does not provide in booth cleaning services.

Section 8:

Meetings and Events

A. Meeting Room Capacities and Set-Up Styles 

Please note that our meeting room tables are designed so that linens are not required. Linens will only be used for meal service. 

Our meeting room dimensions and maximum capacities have been verified for standard set-ups, using industry standards, and are based on maximum capacity wall to wall with no audio visual or other support equipment in the space. Elements such as lighting or sound towers, camera risers, runways, production control areas, or buffet lines will reduce the seating capacity of the room. 

Maximum capacities for standard room set-up styles can be found on our website. 

Meeting rooms are generally set-up in the following basic styles: 

  • Fire code allows a maximum of 14 chairs per row and up to 12 rows before a cross aisle is required. 
  • Centre aisles are a minimum of six (6) feet.
  • All rows of chairs in a theatre set-up must be “ganged” or locked together. 

Classroom, Conference (Boardroom), Hollow Square, or U-Shape 
  • Capacities are calculated at seating three (3) people per six-foot table. 
  • Our banquet tables are round in shape, 72” in diameter, and can seat up to 12 people per table. 

B. Initial Meeting Room Set-up 

The standard set-up for meeting rooms each day is included in your license agreement. 

The room set-up includes: the seating style selected, head table and banquet chairs, registration, hand-out tables, a digital event posting outside the room, and general housekeeping. Please see appendix documents for other available products and services. 

C. Room Changeovers

Charges will apply for any room set-ups beyond the first standard selected for each day. Your Conference Services Manager will offer suggestions for room set-up styles, and the best use of your rooms to minimize charges. 

D. Water Service 

For meetings and conventions, we provide a water station with jugs of water and glasses included with the room rental.  Fruit infused water and bottled water are available at an additional cost.

E. Room Refreshes 

Meeting rooms are fully refreshed once each day (typically during the groups’ lunch break) and again in the evening, based on your meeting schedule. The refresh includes straightening of chairs and tables, removal of food and beverage related items, water station refresh as well as garbage and recycling disposal, if required. Please advise your Conference Services Manager if certain materials should not be discarded when room(s) are being refreshed. Should you require more frequent room refresh services, please speak with your Conference Services Manager for details on rates. 

F. Equipment Inventory 

Our equipment inventory is typically sufficient to accommodate standard set-up requirements for several simultaneous events. When our inventory is exhausted, it may be necessary for you to secure additional equipment from an outside vendor at your expense. 

G. Alcohol in Event Spaces 

Due to NLC liquor license regulations, alcohol of any type not provided by the facility is prohibited. In addition, alcohol of any type that is purchased while attending an event may not leave the function space or facility.  

Alcohol can be displayed as part of auction items, however it cannot be opened onsite. Alcohol cannot be provided in delegate welcome or gift bags that are distributed onsite.

H. Music Licensing Fees 

Daily license fees for functions involving recorded or live music, with or without dance, must be collected and remitted by the St. John’s Convention Centre. These fees cover both the Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), and artists and record companies (Re:Sound). Fees are subject to change, and are in accordance with the Copyright Board of Canada. Clients will be charged unless they are able to provide valid proof that they have already reached an agreement with either party. 

SOCAN – Without Dancing SOCAN – With Dancing 
Room capacity of 1 to 100: $22.06 Room capacity of 1 to 100: $44.13 
Room capacity of 101 to 300: $31.72Room capacity of 101 to 300: $63.49 
Room capacity of 301 to 500: $66.19 Room capacity of 301 to 500: $132.39 
Room capacity over 500: $93.78 Room capacity over 500: $187.55 

Re:Sound – Without Dancing Re:Sound – With Dancing 
Room capacity of 1 to 100: $9.25 Room capacity of 1 to 100: $18.51 
Room capacity of 101 to 300: $13.30 Room capacity of 101 to 300: $26.63 
Room capacity of 301 to 500: $27.76 Room capacity of 301 to 500: $55.52 
Room capacity over 500: $39.33 Room capacity over 500: $78.66

I. Sound Checks and Noise 

Guests of St. John’s Convention Centre are entitled to quiet enjoyment of the space. As a result, sound checks, live music or excessive noise must be scheduled and approved by your CSM during the planning of your event. Event activities causing distractions, interruptions and disturbances for neighboring events will not be permitted, and St. John’s Convention Centre staff will manage and monitor on-site noise levels to ensure all of our customers have an enjoyable experience.

Section 9:

Public Safety

A. Harassment 

At St. John’s Convention Centre, we are committed to providing and maintaining a workplace that ensures all employees and clients are treated with dignity and respect, and are able to work and/or conduct business in an environment free from harassment and discrimination of any sort. Coarse language and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. 

B. First Aid 

St. John’s Convention Centre takes the health and well-being of our clients and colleagues seriously. Emergency and first aid supplies, including automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are maintained on-site. Clients with events requiring a greater degree of first aid and health and safety response are required to provide additional emergency medical services coverage and will be arranged by your Conference Services Manager.  Charges for First Aid Services will be billed to client.

C. Fire Safety 

Client event floor plans and exhibit layouts must be set in accordance with the NL Fire Code. All emergency exits and equipment must be fully accessible, unobstructed and clearly visible at all times. Your Conference Services Manager will create and approve all floor plans in cooperation with your planning team to ensure all accessibility requirements are met. 

D. Power Failure 

In the event of a power failure, generators will power all emergency lighting and other critical systems. Exit doors are clearly marked and illuminated while exit stairwells contain emergency lighting and illuminated graphics for greater visibility and accessibility. 

E. General Emergency Procedures 

  •  First Aid: St. John’s Convention Centre Building Security Services are staffed during all event times and will contact emergency personnel if required. Building Security personnel, as well as Managers on Duty, are trained in emergency first aid, CPR and AED use. 
  • Fire Procedure: The St. John’s Convention Centre has a two-tier alarm system. Upon initiation of an alarm, a voice prompt will notify staff and patrons of the alarm and will advise which phase of alarm the building is in and whether evacuation is required. St. John’s Regional Fire Department will respond to any alarm.

F. Event-Based Security Services 

The St. John’s Convention Centre provides general security services within the facility during events. General security is included with the room rental from 6 am – Midnight. This includes internal patrols, response to emergencies and alarms. Refer to Appendix F for hourly rates. Please work with your Conference Services Manager to determine security requirements for specific event demands.

G. Securing your Meeting Rooms 

Key Fobs are issued for the opening of secured meeting rooms. Your Conference Services Manager will issue key fobs to access the meeting room(s) you designate. At the conclusion of your event, key fobs must be returned to your Conference Services Manager or another member of our team. Please instruct your staff to bring their issued key fob with them each day. We will not unlock rooms for which key fobs have been issued without authorization from the event organizer. 

Section 10:

Fire and Safety Guidelines for Events

A. Room Set-Up/Décor 

Stages, screens or structures may not block exit doors. Cables or cords are not permitted on the floor across doorways or entrance thresholds without the use of a cable management system. Any work performed above 10’ will require fall arrest protection. All materials used for installation and decorating, including: drapes, curtains, table coverings, skirts, carpets, or any other materials or décor items, must be constructed of flameproof material. Pipe and drape installation that is higher than 16’ will not be permitted due to safety concerns and must be rigged from the ceiling. All Pipe and drape installations must be weighted at the base. Any exhibitors, suppliers, decorators or other service providers must bring their own equipment including ladders, tools and other items required for their build or production. Our exclusive rigging partner, Canadian AV, must be engaged to arrange for use of rigging points. Please note that these services are subject to applicable charges. 

B. Open Flame/Candles 

St. John’s Convention Centre must approve in advance all use of open flame.

Candles or alcohol burning equipment (including solid alcohol) that can be readily extinguished by water, shall be permitted provided adequate precautions satisfactory to venue staff are taken to prevent ignition of any other flammable materials. 

Candles may be permitted if securely placed inside flame resistant holders 3” higher than the top of the open flame.  Open flames must be kept a safe distance from any non-flame resistant materials.  

C. Compressed Gases/Flammable Liquids/ Aerosols 

Flammable, combustible, and compressed gases, including propane, may be used and displayed only with the prior approval of the St. John’s Convention Centre. Please contact your Conference Services Manager to arrange approval.

D. Exits 

Exit doors may not be obstructed, locked or held open. Please review all room set-ups, including décor and drapery plans, carefully with your Conference Services Manager. 

E. Firefighting and Emergency Equipment

Firefighting and emergency equipment may not be blocked or obstructed under any circumstances. This includes fire pull stations, extinguishers and AED Stations.

F. Fog, Smoke Machines, Lasers, and Pyrotechnics 

Water-based chemical fog and smoke machines are permitted with advance approval from the St. John’s Convention Centre in the Bowring and Bannerman Ballrooms spaces only. Oil-based machines are not permitted. Fog and smoke machines may not be operated in common areas, as this may affect a space used by another client. A schedule (to include rehearsal and event times) for use of these machines must be submitted to your Conference Services Manager in advance so that appropriate inspections and ventilation measures are taken. The use of pyrotechnics and lasers is not permitted. 

G. Smoking and Electronic Vaporisers (EV) 

In accordance with provincial regulations, the St. John’s Convention Centre is a non-smoking and non-EV facility. We reserve the right to remove violators.

Section 11:

Facility Protection Guidelines

A. Animals 

Animals are generally not permitted in the St. John’s Convention Centre, except when an approved exhibit, activity or performance legitimately requires the use of animals. Owners must take full responsibility for their animals, obtaining all appropriate permits and taking care of all sanitary needs for the animals. Any charges for cleaning/repair will be billed to the client on the master account. 

B. Facility Damage 

Clients are responsible for the cost of any damage to the premises or equipment while they are onsite. Should damage be noted, we will bring it to the client’s attention, assess the damage, quote on the repair and provide an invoice. 

C. Carpet and Finishes Protection 

  • Wooden skids and crates may not be placed directly on the facility carpet or tile surfaces. 
  • Items are not permitted to contact or lean against any facility wall surface. 
  • Canadian AV provides exclusive material handling within the facility. To arrange transport of equipment through service corridors and on freight elevators please contact Canadian AV.
  • Only approved adhesives may be used on facility carpeting or tiles. 
  • Decorations or signage may not be taped, nailed, tacked, or otherwise fastened to any permanent surface. Confetti is not permitted in the building.

D. Helium Balloons and Confetti

Helium-filled balloons may not be distributed in the facility. Helium balloons used to decorate must be tethered and securely fastened to the booth or respective area. Charges will apply for retrieval of helium-filled balloons. Any balloons left in the facility after the event will be destroyed.

The use of confetti inside the Convention Centre must have prior approval from the facility. Additional charges will apply for the removal of confetti after the event. 

Section 12:

Facility Accessibility

A. General Accessibility 

The public sidewalks serving the St. John’s Convention Centre feature curb cuts for wheelchair access. Automatic doors are located at the Main Entrance on New Gower Street as well as the Public Access door in the parking garage.  Restrooms throughout the building are wheelchair accessible.

B. Elevators 

Passenger elevators are located inside the St. John’s Convention Centre and provide access to all common areas of the building. Elevators are alarm-equipped and have accessible tactile Braille call buttons. 

Freight elevator is designated for the transportation of materials and equipment and use of this elevator must be coordinated through CAV.

C. Hearing Assist Systems 

The St. John’s Convention Centre is equipped with a hearing assist system which works through our in-house PA. The system must be booked in advance through your Conference Services Manager.

D. Parking 

There are three accessible parking spaces located in the underground public parking garage.

E. Wheelchairs 

Event planners are responsible for providing wheelchairs, motorized mobility scooters, and other non-permanent access accommodations. 

F. Stage Accessibility 

Please speak with your Conference Services Manager regarding options to accommodate speakers or guests who may require this assistance.

Appendix A:

Event Checklist

6 months from event start date:

Send Preliminary agenda to Conference Services manager. Please include as many of the below details as possible:

  • Expected registration timings
  • Plenary session overview, including anticipated breakout session timeframes
  • Planned meal types and timings
  • Estimated trade show hours
  • Confirm room assignment, estimated attendance numbers and planned set up styles with Conference Services manager
  • Discuss and review preliminary floor plans with Conference Services Manager

3 months from event start date:

Confirm event suppliers with Conference Services Manager, including:

  • Audiovisual
  • Trade show services
  • Event decorator

Review event move-in and move-out requirements with Conference Services Manager, including:

  • Client move-in/out
  • Event supplier move-in/out
  • Exhibitor move-in/out

Review current estimated attendance numbers with Conference Services Manager and adjust event plan accordingly.

Confirm room setups and review event floor plans with Conference Services Manager.

Review technical requirements including internet & IT, power, etc.

45 Days from event start date:

  • Send food and beverage selections to Conference Services Manager.
  • Confirm room set up, event security and coat check requirements with Conference Services Manager.
  • Provide certificate of insurance to Conference Services Manager.
  • Notify Conference Services Manager of any VIPs who may be in attendance.
  • Review preliminary dinner agenda with Conference Services Manager (if applicable).
  • Review current estimated attendance numbers with Conference Services Manager.

3 weeks from event start date:

  • Review final attendance numbers with Conference Services Manager.
  • Identify any final food and beverage requirements, including any dietary restrictions.
  • Provide digital signage.

7 business days from event start date:

  • Send Conference Services Manager signed event plan.
  • Written food and beverage guarantee is due by 12:00 pm NST, along with list of complete dietary requirements.
  • Confirm your planned on-site timing with Conference Services Manager.
  • Forward a copy of final dinner agenda to Conference Services Manager (if applicable).

Appendix B:

Partner Services

Exclusive Provider of Rigging Services 

The St. John’s Convention Centre has designated their preferred audio visual partner, Canadian AV Inc., as its exclusive provider of rigging services. Any client or supplier who requires the use of rigging points must engage with Canadian AV Inc. directly.

Canadian AV Inc. will provide skilled and qualified technicians and riggers to support the installation and removal of overhead rigging equipment for specialty lighting, theatrical elements and other show components.

Exclusive Provider of Material Handling

Material handling must be arranged through Canadian AV Inc. as the exclusive provider of material handling within the St. John’s Convention Centre.  Canadian AV is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the following services in a safe and efficient manner:

  • Any material movement within the facility that requires material handling equipment 
  • Electric or manual pallet jacks and pallet jack operation 
  • Loading dock and freight elevator supervision 
  • 3rd party supplier freight movement 
  • Receive and off-load exhibitor and show management materials on site at the designated move in times 
  • Delivery within the St. John’s Convention Centre to the allocated booth and/or location 
  • Storage of empty crates and packing materials during events 
  • Return materials CAV warehouse for move out times 
  • Reload materials on outbound carriers 

Alternate AV Provider

The alternate AV supplier is required to obtain approval from SJCC prior to providing services in the facility. Alternate suppliers must agree to the terms and conditions of providing non-exclusive AV and related services as an outside supplier, including approved liability insurance certificate, an up-to-date worker health and safety certificate, a completed OH&S Declaration, and the payment of fees. The AV fee is invoiced directly to the AV supplier, not to the event organizer. The event organizer only pays for the AV services as agreed with the alternate AV supplier. 

The alternate AV supplier fee is variable depending on the amount invoiced to the client or event organizer. The fee amount is 40% of the AV invoice, before HST. The benefit of having a variable fee versus a fixed fee is that it allows the event organizer to pay lower AV fees in cases where AV requirements are few or the AV supplier is a sponsor of the event. When the AV invoice amount is low, so is the AV fee. 

The AV fee is paid directly to SJCC and covers fees/costs related to the following: 

  • Utilization fee (sometimes called patch fee in other convention facilities and hotels) 
  • Dock/vehicle marshalling and traffic control 
  • Security and safety services 
  • Freight and service elevator usage and maintenance 
  • Internet/CAT cables 
  • Ballroom and lobby lighting programming, and remote usage and replacement 
  • Lumenpulse lighting system programming, usage, and maintenance 
  • Repair to damaged floors, walls, doors, pillars, etc. caused during setup and move-in/out 
  • Standard clean-up for AV remnants (tape on floor, equipment and signage left behind, etc.) 
  • Setup and use of in-house equipment such as SJCC podiums, easels, risers, and dance floors; and use of in-house microphones and assisted listening devices. 

Preferred Supplier of Exhibits, Trade Shows, Public and Consumer Shows 

Canadian AV Inc. is the preferred provider of audio visual and related services inside the SJCC. Alternate service providers are permitted for non-exclusive services however SJCC reserves the right to approve all alternate service providers. Fees will apply to work completed by alternate providers and will be charged to those providers directly.  

It is recommended that all trade show services requirements be arranged through our official partner, Canadian Av Inc. Services include the rental, installation and dismantling of booth and special event furnishings, including pipe and drape, furniture, carpet and accessories. Canadian AV also offers custom booth, graphic and banner fabrication, installation and dismantling services, exhibit transportation, advanced storage, and many other client driven requirements. 

Preferred Supplier of Audio Visual, Presentation Staging and Lighting Services

It is recommended that all presentation technology requirements be arranged through CAV, our preferred audiovisual partner. CAV is the audiovisual, Trade Show and event technology (including live streaming) company for people who plan meetings and live events.

Canadian AV provides a full range of presentation technology services including: 

  • Audiovisual 
  • Lighting 
  • Simultaneous Interpretation 
  • Presentation Staging 
  • Digital Services: Computers, Webcasting, Interactive Voting Systems, Presentation Management 

To make arrangements with Canadian AV Inc. for preferred and exclusive services at SJCC, please contact Brad Hollett at (709) 739 – 6666 Ext 4 or email at [email protected].  

Exclusive Provider of Information Technology and Communication Services 

SJCC is the exclusive provider for all internet and telecommunications services. A state-of-the-art data and voice network allows for shared and dedicated bandwidth connections, robust WiFi access, and custom networking solutions.

As the exclusive provider of all Technical services, the following requirements must be arranged through the SJCC

  • Internet access (wired and WiFi)
  • Telecommunications (telephone and data)
  • Local area networking and equipment within the building

For more information, speak with your Conference Services Manager.

Exclusive Provider of Electrical Services

The St. John’s Convention Centre is the exclusive provider of all temporary electrical distributuion and related equipment required for events, shows, and for all guest service providers throughout the facility.

Individual exhibitor requirements must be coordinated through Canadian AV Inc. who will work with St. John’s Convention Centre staff to coordinate safe and effective electrical services for individual exhibitor electrical orders.

For more information, speak with your Conference Services Manager.

Exclusive Provider of Food and Beverage

Sodexo Live! is the exclusive provider of food and beverage services within the SJCC. The use of non-preferred food and beverage suppliers for the purpose of sampling requires previous approval of the Corporation.

Appendix C:

Partner Services

InternetPer DayPer Event
Complimentary WiFi   (2 Mbps per user | No password)FreeFree
Booster 15 WiFi   (15 Mbps with password)$100$250
Rocket 30 WiFi   (30 Mbps with password)$250$650
Wired Internet   (20 Mbps)$350$900

NetworkingPer DayPer Event
Private network without internet
(4 shared devices, no internet connectivity)
Private network with internet
(4 shared devices with 20 Mbps internet access)
Additional device add-on
(per PC, printer, etc.)
 Other bandwidth requests will require a customized quote | All internet speeds are symmetrical | No Hubs/Routers/Switches permitted | Special configurations may require tech support

TelecomPer DayPer Event
VOIP line only   (Bring your own phone or for use with AV setups)$100$250
VOIP line with conference phone   (20′ x 20′ coverage with centralized placement)$150$375
SJCC does not provide dial-in bridges | Long distance included with phone rental | Special configurations may require tech support

Tech SupportPer DayPer Event
Onsite technician$250$175

Digital SignagePer DayPer Event
One image per room rentalFree
Additional image per room$20
Onsite changes per image$20
All images must conform to SJCC’s specs, and be provided by the client | SJCC does not offer graphic design services

High Resolution Media WallPer DayPer Event
Single image or video$600$1,500
Additional image or video$100$100
Connection via self-provided laptop$400$1,000
All images and video must conform to SJCC’s specs, and be provided by the client | SJCC does not offer graphic design services

Digital AdvertisingPer DayPer Event
Exterior placement$350$1,200
Interior placement$350$1,200
Event package$350$900
10 second spots, 12 spots per screen, looped 24/7 |Event package available only for clients with booked SJCC events| All images must conform to SJCC’s specs, and be provided by the client | SJCC does not offer graphic design services

Appendix D:

Electrical Services

Electrical Services at the St. John’s Convention Centre are defined as follows:

Convenience: Convenience electrical services are prioritized for use by the St. John’s Convention Centre operations team and our clients and are included with room rental. Additional charges will apply should power distribution and cable management be required; (see electrical services below.) Convenience power may be used to charge cell phones, for example, but is not intended for use by show production or decorating. Electrical services charges will be applied, as per the fees outlined below, for use in these capacities.

Small Presentation: This includes electrical distribution for meeting style set-ups. Registration desks and decorating requirements are included as part of the meeting and event electrical services. 

Large AV Power: This includes electrical distribution generally used for large-scale event productions, and is distributed for audiovisual and production use. 

Trade Show: This includes electrical requirements for exhibitor booths. 

Appendix E:

Equipment, Services and Labour

Audio, Video and Lighting Requirements:

Please speak with our preferred supplier, Canadian AV, for all audio, video and lighting requirements, including stage lighting, focusable lighting and other specialty lighting. 

Room Reset Rates:

The standard set-up for meeting rooms each day is included in your rent. The initial room set-up includes: the seating style selected, head table and banquet chairs, registration, hand-out tables, waste and recycle stations, a digital event posting outside the room, general housekeeping, and building security. 

Charges will apply for any room set-ups beyond the first standard selected for each day. Each room re-set fee will be calculated according to the set-up requirements, with general base costs as follows;

Equipment RentalsPer DayPer EventAdditional Information
Cocktail table w/o spandex cover$25$6030″ and 42″ height options | Total of 40 tables available
Cocktail table w/ spandex cover$35$9042″ height option only | Choice of black or white cover
Podium per room rentalFree, if availFree, if avail48″ height | Total of 10 available | Includes microphone and light
Additional podiums each$25$60
Dance floor per room rentalFree, if availFree, if availFloors are 28′ x 32′ and 24′ x 28′
Additional dance floor$500$500
First 2 Days RentalPer Event
Concert stage$1,200$1,80075 sections, 8’ X 4’ (max. area 40’ X 60’) | Height is adjustable from 36”  to 54” | Two sets of stairs | Carpet or hard surface |Includes labour for setup and tear-down
Per Hour
On site stage changes$220Minimum four hour call-in may apply
Please note all pricing is subject to 15% HST

StaffingPer Staff Per HourHoursAdditional Information
Security –   Standard Hours$356 am – 11:59 pm
Security –   Premium Hours$5012 am – 6 amAlso applies to statutory holidays
Minimum call-in is three hours | Additional security may be required at SJCC’s discretion | Premium rate per guard applies for shift extensions and requests received within 72 hrs of rental date or on site | Minimum three hour charge per guard will apply for shifts cancelled within 24 hrs of shift start

StaffingPer Staff Per HourHoursAdditional Information
Cleaning Staff
Standard Hours
$356 am – 11:59 pm
Cleaning Staff
Premium Hours
$5012 am – 6 amAlso applies to statutory holidays
Minimum call-in is three hours | Premium rate applies for shift extensions and requests received within 72 hrs of rental date or on site | Minimum three hour charge per person will apply for shifts cancelled within 24 hrs of shift start

StaffingPer Staff Per HourHoursAdditional Information
Electrician services$140
Electrical charged in ballrooms and lobby only and Includes labour for hook-up and disconnect | Charges may apply for electrical request changes | Minimum four hour call-in may apply if electrician services are required

Food and BeveragePer Staff Per HourAdditional Information
Wait Staff$35Minimum of 3 hours required per staff member
Bartenders$35Minimum of 3 hours required per staff member
Determined on an event basis

Please note all pricing is subject to 15% HST

Appendix F:

Vehicle and Motorized Equipment Display

Building Access:

  1. Vehicle access into SJCC is through the large double door entrance directly accessing Bowring Ballroom, located on the South side of the building on New Gower Street.
  2. Vehicles must be displayed in Bowring Ballroom only.
  3. Due to emergency exiting and building load restrictions, all display vehicles and locations must be approved by St. John’s Convention Centre Operators in advance.
  4. Exhibitor must provide exact weights and measurements of the vehicle (including a diagram where possible).
  5. Exhibitor must provide copies of insurance coverage in case of loss, damage, theft or fire. The St. John’s Convention Centre must be added as additional insured. The St. John’s Convention Centre will be held harmless from any action that results from loss, theft, fire, damage or any other occurrence.
  6. The St. John’s Convention Centre reserves the right to inspect and/or remove any vehicle from the facility, at the exhibitor’s expense, which contravenes these rules or at any time is deemed to be unsafe for display.

Preparation, Moving and Display

  •  Vehicles must be moved by the insured owner only. Charges apply for prepping the building and entance. 
  • Vehicle must be clean and tires must be wiped down prior to move-in.
  • The use of psray bottles for cleaning and detailing of display vehicles inside the Convention Centre is prohibited.
  • Exhibitor must supply and install the following to protect the ballroom flooring:
    • Plastic sheeting underneath the engines
    • floor pads for underneath the tires
  • Exhibitor/vehicle owner must be on-site during move-in and move-out
  • Exhibitor/vehicle owner is responsible for any cleaning and damage to carpet tiles, building fixtures, etc. 
  • Vehicle batteries must be disconnected and caps for fuel tanks must be equipped with a lock-on type fuel tank cap
  • Fuel tanks must not be filled beyond the 1/8 mark
  • Ignition must be disabled or the vehicle locked and hood inoperable from the outside of the vehicle
  • Vehicles must be continually supervised by owner during building open hours
  • Running of displayed vehicles during the exhibit/event is prohibited
  • Move in/out can only occur during setup and tear down and not during open hours when patrons or exhibitors are in the ballroom
  • Propane charged cylinders are not permitted inside the Convention Centre
  • Emergency Contact numbers and vehicle keys must be turned over to the Convention Centre Security staff once the vehicle is placed in the show area. Keys will be locked in the Convention Centre security office. Access to keys is through Convention Centre Operations only.

Appendix G:

Responsible Service of Alcohol

As the licensee, St. John’s Convention Centre is committed to the responsible sale and service of alcohol and complies with the regulations of the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation (NLC). It is the Centre’s policy to serve alcoholic beverages in a professional manner which is intended to promote responsible consumption. Your support and commitment to the following guidelines is important to us and will help us deliver a safe and enjoyable event for all of your guests. Improper conduct, which includes but is not limited to profane or abusive language, physical harassment, or other abusive behavior, will not be tolerated. Guests who are demonstrating these behaviours will be asked to leave the facility. 

Please share any relevant information regarding past events with your Conference Services Manager. Include any patterns around beverage consumption to allow us to plan inventory and staffing to best serve your guests. 

Per the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation: 

  • All beverage services are provided exclusively by the St. John’s Convention Centre;
  • Outside alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Guests attempting to bring alcohol into the facility will be denied entry and the alcoholic beverage will be confiscated; 
  • Alcoholic beverages are restricted to the event area and may not be carried in elevators, pedways or be removed from the premises; 
  • Alcoholic beverages may be used as auction or display items but cannot be opened during the event.

St. John’s Convention Centre, in consultation with the client, reserves the right to request that additional event security and/or first aid staff be required and billed to client when alcohol is being served. Please speak with your Conference Services Manager regarding staffing ratios. 

A. Responsible Alcohol Consumption: 

St. John’s Convention Centre will discontinue service to patrons who violate the principles of responsible alcohol consumption and reserves the right to, at its own discretion, remove disruptive guests who may pose a threat to guests or property from the premises. We recommend that you include a message of responsible alcohol consumption as a reminder on your invitations, tickets, or programs. 

B. Prevention of Service to Minors

The legal age for alcohol consumption in the Province of NL is 19 years of age. For each alcohol purchase, any customer who appears to be age 25 or under may be required to show valid, government-issued photographic identification, which proves that they are of the legal age for consumption. If a guest is a minor (under the age of 19), they will not be served any alcoholic beverages. 

C. Prevention of Over Service to Guests

Upon arrival to the facility, any guest who appears to be intoxicated will be denied access to the event. Alcoholic beverages will not be sold or served to any person who is visibly intoxicated. Once a guest has been identified as exhibiting signs of possible intoxication, facility staff members are required to stop alcoholic service to the guest immediately and will facilitate the removal of the guest from the event space. We will require your active support to ensure the guest has safe transportation available to get them to their home, hotel or lodging. 

To ensure all guests have a safe and enjoyable evening, you may wish to consider the following: 

  • Limit the bar service hours; 
  • Limit the amount of hosted alcoholic beverages; 
  • Host non-alcoholic alternatives; 

Additionally, St. John’s Convention Centre abides by the following alcohol service guidelines: 

Per Transaction Serving Limit: No more than two (2) alcoholic beverages may be sold or served per person, per transaction. 

Serving Limits for Individual Drinks: Servers may not exceed the following ounces per single portions: 

  • Beer – 14 oz
  • Wine – 5 oz  
  • Liquor – 2 oz 

Please note: ‘Bottle Service’ for alcohol is not available.

D. Hours of Service and Sales Cut-off Times

Bar service ends at 2:00 am on weekdays and 3:00 am on weekends or earlier, based upon event schedule. Last call will be given by St. John’s Convention Centre staff 30 minutes prior to the end of the event. All patrons must vacate the facility no later than 30 minutes past the bar closure time, per the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation Regulations. 

Alcohol Service times are subject to change and St. John’s Convention Centre Management reserves the right to stop alcohol service at its discretion. 

Please note the St. John’s Convention Centre reserves the right to modify this guideline at any time before or during the event, without advanced notice.

Appendix H:

Lighting Policy

In an effort to ensure that there is some lighting available during a low-light event at the Convention Centre, at a minimum, twinkle lights must be kept on during the event.  Usher/Security staff will carry flashlights in order to assist patrons to their seats while aisles and seats will be clearly marked so that patrons can easily find their seats.

Appendix I:

General Emergency Procedure

  1. If you see smoke or fire, activate the fire alarm pull station closest to you. 
  1. Our fire safety system deploys a 2 stage alarm. Stage 1 is a slow alarm and Stage 2 is a fast alarm. 
  1. During Stage 1 (slow alarm), you will hear a pre-recorded message which will direct St. John’s Convention Centre staff to respond.  At this time you should: 
  • Cease all work.
  • Identify the nearest fire exit to you (marked by green ‘running man’ signs). 
  • Be prepared to evacuate. 

Within a few minutes of the alarm activating, announcements will be made over the Emergency Public Address system providing additional information and instructions. 

  1. Upon being told to evacuate at Stage 2 (fast alarm), staff will direct guests to the nearest fire exit and the emergency muster areas. 
  1. Elevators will be not be available during an emergency, so please identify any mobility-challenged persons to St. John’s Convention Centre staff who will plan for their evacuation, if required. 
  1. All guests will be informed if and when it is deemed safe to return to the facility. 
  2. If there is a power outage, all hallways are equipped with emergency lighting. This will enable you to leave the facility via designated exits.

Appendix J:

Safety Protocols

The St. John’s Convention Centre promotes an environment which fosters mutual respect and professionalism from all staff, guests and outside contractors.  All staff, guests and outside contractors are expected to treat other with courtesy and respect, both physically and mentally.

Our Commitment to Safety 

To safely host your events, we are following the principles and policies as set out by the Newfoundland and Labrador Chief Medical Officer and Public Health. We have implemented new, enhanced measures and protocols to adapt our facility and event operations and will work in partnership with you, the event organizer, to create a great event. With our unwavering commitment to health and safety, how we host events may feel a bit different, but one thing that won’t change is the memorable, authentic St. John’s experience you will have at every step of the way. 

Guest Safety 

We can’t wait to welcome you and your guests to our Centre. We know feeling safe is critical to your guests’ experience and we want to make sure we do everything we can to put your mind at ease. Here are our new, enhanced protocols focused on guest safety: 

  • Employee Self-Assessments and Contact Tracing – all of our employees now complete a health self-assessment prior to coming to work. Those who feel unwell or have limitations due to travel restrictions will be asked to stay home. All of our staff enter the facility through a dedicated staff entrance that requires a fob or Building Security to gain access. A controlled sign-in process is also in place for our third party suppliers, which is managed through our standard building security procedures.
  • Vaccinations – Newfoundland has implemented mandatory double vaccinations for indoor gatherings in public spaces. To facilitate this process, all guests are required to show proof that their vaccinations are current and that the second dose was at least fourteen days before arrival at the Convention Centre.  For Newfoundland and Labrador residents, a quick scan of the NL VaxPass app and a piece of photo  ID are all that is required. For guests from outside the province, please bring a paper copy of your proof of vaccination form and a piece of photo ID.  
  • Masks – Newfoundland has implemented mandatory non-medical masks in indoor public spaces. All of our staff and guests in our facility are required to wear a mask when not actively eating or drinking. The Convention Centre does not supply masks to individuals who do not have proper masks.
  • Handwashing – Signage is located throughout our facility, including shared spaces and washrooms, to reinforce the importance of frequent handwashing and respiratory etiquette. We have contactless hand sanitizing dispensers available throughout our Centre and protocols in place to ensure our staff are practicing enhanced hand hygiene at regular intervals throughout their shift. 

Flow of People 

The St. John’s Convention Centre boasts open spaces with wide hallways designed to help people move easily throughout our facility. The configuration of our facility, large size of our arrival area and independent meeting levels create the ability for us to manage capacity and flow of people to help keep everyone safe.

  • Physical distancing of six feet between each individual is critical in helping reduce the spread of germs and will be made easy throughout our facility. We have signage in key areas to support distancing among attendees and one-way movement. 
  • Designated entrances will be provided based on the location and size of your event in our facility. With two exterior entrances/exits, we can easily manage people coming and going from our venue. 
  • Occupancy limits will be monitored and enforced at entrance/exit to ensure compliance with facility occupancy and public health restrictions and clearly marked capacity signage by room. 
  • Limited use of common spaces for the purposes of traffic flow and transition space only. 


Our team has been trained to ensure our cleaning protocols go above and beyond standard practice to help keep our guests safe. We have implemented enhanced and more frequent cleaning, monitoring and disinfecting of frequently touched locations, surfaces, and equipment, including door handles, elevator panels, meeting room furniture, public space furniture, and public washrooms.

You’ll also see: 

  • Contactless hand sanitizing stations located throughout the Centre in common areas with signage to support hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. 
  • Touchless faucets, toilets, paper towel dispensers, and hand dryers in our washrooms. 
  • An increased number of garbage units, which are frequently emptied. 
  • Thorough deep cleaning and sanitization of event spaces prior to the event move-in, before the event opens, and after the event has moved-out of the venue.

Food & Beverage 

For our catering partner Sodexo Live!, taking care and caution in our approach to food and beverage preparation and service has always been a priority. Thanks to our new state-of-the-art kitchen and equipment, we have everything we need to create a safe, healthy experience for your guests. 

While the options for food and beverage service may be a bit different right now, your Conference Services Manager will work with you to develop the best approach for your event – all with a goal to create a safe yet impressive culinary experience. 

Here’s what our team is doing to enhance our food safety measures: 

  • Continued rigorous adherences to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) food safety management standards within all F&B services, including in our kitchen facility, which was specifically designed using the HACCP standard model. 
  • Increased cleaning and sanitization of catering service and delivery equipment. 
  • An enhanced approach to food service and delivery, including pre-plated and/or prepackaged food items, individually delivered by our team to your attendees. 
  • Contactless payment technology for beverage service. 
  • Frequently cleaned, individualized workstations for food and beverage preparation, with stations staggered to comply with physical distancing protocols. 

Your Role 

As the event organizer, you also have a responsibility to ensure protocols are in place to support the health and safety of your guests, volunteers, staff and suppliers. Our Conference Services Management team will support you along the way, ensuring you have all of the information you need to create a safe, successful event at the St. John’s Convention Centre. 

Recognizing the importance of limiting the spread of COVID-19, we will require that our clients provide an event plan and declaration that they have considered and adhered to public health guidelines in the design of your event. Your Conference Services Manager will be reaching out to ensure you have the following protocols in place for sharing information with attendees, volunteers, staff and suppliers: 

  • Self-assessment and pre-screening tools 
  • Registration process to meet contract tracing requirements 
  • Communications plan for sharing information before, during and after your event 
  • On-site self-isolation protocol 
  • Event-specific signage to reinforce health and safety practices 
  • Mask protocol 
  • A monitoring approach to ensure attendee compliance with public health protocols