Destination St. John's: Wildly Unique Read
A rendering of the outside of the SJCC

Destination St. John’s: Wildly Unique

Video Credit: Destination St. John’s.

There is something truly singular about St. John’s. What is that “something”? Visitors rave about their time here, and yet they often struggle to put their finger on exactly what it is about the place. We think we know…

St. John’s is a rare fusion of urban energy and natural magnificence. That’s what makes the city so wildly different, and so rich in experiences.

Whether you’re enjoying music, food, trails, culture, even your hotel room – the ocean is always right there, and all the wildness that comes with it. Virtually every glimpse of St. John’s shows its proximity to the big, blue sea. We are a vibrant city on the edge of the wild North Atlantic. How lucky.

For all our majesty, we are down to earth. You don’t need to take yourself too seriously here. St. John’s wrote the book on fun.

Spectacular, breathtaking, jaw-dropping – we’re all those things, but we’re also something else altogether. So we let Kellie Loder’s lyrics do the talking: “You won’t believe your eyes, unable to describe what you’re seeing…” .

Calling St. John’s unique is like calling a humpback a goldfish. It’s wildly different here.

For more on the beautiful place we love to call home, please visit Destination St. John’s.