Destination St. John's: Wildly Unique Read
An abstract painting using shades of blue, pink and brown.

Will Gill

Finding meaning in the chaotic.

Represented by: CPG

Working in the medium of mixed media paintings, Will Gill’s Two Fingers and Blue Viper belong to a larger series entitled Bloodredlife. Permeated by fear and adrenaline, they convey a strong sense of urgency. These are personal stories, in which Gill explores moments of change and upheaval in his life. The bright, dazzling colours belie a contemplative spirit at the core of both paintings. He seeks to find beauty and meaning in the wild, uncertain nature of modern life. Creation and destruction. Life and death. Gill’s work is immersed in the world around us, while seeking to understand it.

Christina Parker Gallery
50 Water StreetSt. John’sNLA1C 1A3

Artwork: Two Fingers; Blue Viper