Destination St. John's: Wildly Unique Read
Vessela Brakalova mosaic artwork Safe Harbour uses stained glass, beach stones and recycled metals to depict an an overhead view of St. John's harbour.

Vessela Brakalova

Modern mosaics.


Originally from Bulgaria, Vessela Brakalova has been living and working in St. John’s since 1990. In recent years, she has arguably been best known as a mosaic artist. Historically, mosaics were directly applied to stone walls and intended to last for centuries. She honors these traditions while updating them for modern times. She does this by using stained glass, beach stones and recycled metal, amongst others, in place of the classical stone tesserae. In Safe Harbour, Brakalova shows a map of St. John’s that foregoes practicality in favour of being fun and playful. Its intricate details and complex patterns help one to navigate the landscape.

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50 Water StreetSt. John’sNLA1C 1A3

Artwork: Safe Harbour