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A wall on the outside of the convention centre is made with stone that creates the image of an iceberg breaking apart

Tara Bryan


Tara is a painter and book artist, living and working on the edge of the North Atlantic in Newfoundland. She is a lifetime member of VANL/CARFAC, which selected her for its Long Haul Award in 2010. Tara was a finalist for the NLAC Arts Achievement Award in 2011, and was inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts for Book Design in 2012. Aftermath (cracking up) is a two-dimensional image (approximately 17 meters wide and 9 meters high) that displays on the Water Street side of the SJCC using coin-sized discs cut into aluminum panels.

Tara Bryan
63 Deer Marsh RoadFlatrockNewfoundland A1K 1C8