Destination St. John's: Wildly Unique Read
A brightly lit OK Taxi stand sits against a dark background

Steve Payne

Frozen in time.

Represented by: CPG

In The Last Stands: a timeless portrait of the city, Steve Payne takes us back in time to a St. John’s in flux. A series of photographs taken in 1988, they depict the independent taxi stands that once populated the streets of our province’s capital. These stands, which have now disappeared for the most part, were hold-overs from a bygone time. Even the drivers themselves seemed to belong to another era. While they managed to compete with the larger taxi companies, entering the tiny structures was like a portal to the past.

Christina Parker Gallery
50 Water StreetSt. John’sNLA1C 1A3

Artwork: Churchill Park Cabs; Gower Taxi 3; North East Taxi 3; Avalon Taxi; Crown Taxi; King Bridge Cabs; OK Taxi; Star Taxi; Super Ace Taxi; Super Ace Taxi 2; Capital Taxi 2; Crown Taxi 2; Crown Taxi 4