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Peter Wilkins
Music to your eyes.
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Peter Wilkins

Music to your eyes.

Represented by: CPG

In this collection, Peter Wilkins draws on newfoundland musicians to celebrate both music and its imagery. The inspirations are eclectic, ranging from Ron Hynes to Great Big Sea. Through their colour schemes and visual elements, these artworks evoke the original album covers. They have taken on the likenesses of records through abstract representation and digital re-mixing. In addition to the general forms, they draw upon each unique album cover. They recall the original covers, while creating wholly new visuals at the same time. By extension, they bring memories of the music rushing back to those who have heard it.

Christina Parker Gallery
50 Water Street
St. John’s, NL CANADA
A1C 1A3

Artwork: Shanneyganock – Fling Out the Flag; Emile Benoit – Vive la Rose; Great Big Sea – Play; Irish Descendants – Gypsies and Lovers; The Novaks – The Novaks; Ron Hynes – Cryers Paradise; Figgy Duff – An Introspective

Shanneyganock - Fling Out the Flag
Ron Hynes - Cryers Paradise F
The Novaks - The Novaks
Irish Descendants - Gypsies and Lovers
Great Big Sea - Play
Figgy Duff - An Introspective
Emile Benoit - Vive la Rose