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Ned Pratt
Combating stereotypes.
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Ned Pratt

Combating stereotypes.

Represented by: CPG

Photographing areas of Newfoundland that he frequented in childhood, Ned Pratt explores what makes this province powerful to him. He seeks to capture authentic and unique images, rather than the stereotyped or idealized depictions that he feels are all too frequent. Pratt’s outlook is always informed by his belief that Newfoundland’s beauty, while powerful, is not easily understood or appreciated. It requires effort on the part of the viewer. He is especially interested in images that feature subtle intrusions, such as pole lines breaking through a horizon in Insulator. For him, this island “exists on its own terms” and is indifferent towards its residents.

Christina Parker Gallery
50 Water Street
St. John’s, NL CANADA
A1C 1A3

Artwork: Harbour Entrance; Insulator; Modern Architecture, Fogo; Route 10

Insu lator
Modern Architecture, Fogo
Route 10